Tired of Your Filthy Trash Cans?

Tired of Your Filthy Trash Cans?

Turn to us for residential trash bin cleaning in High Point, NC

We've all had moments when we open the trash lid and nearly faint from the stench. The same goes for recycling bins. The more you use your recycling and trash bins, the more food particles, bacteria and parasites build up. To keep your trash and recycling bins squeaky-clean, partner with Carolina Bin Blasters LLC for residential trash bin cleaning services in High Point, NC.

Our residential recycling bin cleaners will use an eco-friendly sanitizer to effectively clean your trash or recycling bin. Our patented bin cleaning technology can clean each bin in just 30 seconds. Your bins will be spotless and sanitized in no time at all.

Time to clean your trash can? Contact us today to find out more.

Keep your cans clean

It can be a difficult task to keep your own trash and recycling bins clean. When you need residential trash bin cleaning services, count on us to get the job done. Your clean trash cans will:

  • Reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Cut down on foul odors
  • Deter pests and wildlife

Our trucks are outfitted with patented, high-pressure cleaning nozzles to blast away food waste, bacteria and insects. Call 336-420-1231 today to reserve residential recycling bin cleaners in High Point, NC.